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  • Be Respectful
    You respect us, we respect you. We will work with you to create the masterpiece you crave, so long as you remember we are human too. Super awesome colorful humans, but human nonetheless.
  • This ain’t a family reunion…or a party
    Yes, getting a tattoo is fun, scary, painful and all kinds of other things we like to share with others. But please be courteous to other clients and artists and understand that a big group of people is a disruption. Party hardy on your own time folks, max of 1 guest at your appointment.
  • Don’t be wasted
    This kind of falls on the “don’t be an ass hole” rule, but nonetheless, please be sober when you come in. We will refuse service to people traveling the booze cruise, so please save the drinking for after your tattoo when you want to show that cute girl at the bar what a badass you are.
  • No food in tattoo areas
    Food is awesome and people get hungry. That being said, our tattoo stations are sterile environments that have to stay clean for the safety of our clients. We highly recommend you eat before your appointment so you don’t pass out, but get it done before you come in to the shop.
  • Adults only (get tattooed)
    Yes, like one of those super awesome Jamaican resorts but in a very PG way. We do not tattoo anyone under 18, period. We don’t care if your mom is super cool and is letting you get that “oh so sick” butterfly on your ankle at 16. Can’t get it done here.
  • Congrats on your pregnancy! No tattoos though.
    Babies are adorable, and we are happy for you and all that. But because we care about your unborn little beauty, we won’t tattoo you while pregnant. Yes, your cousin’s friend who tattoos in his basement might say otherwise, but we don’t work on ladies carrying little bundles in their bellies.
  • Deposits required for all artists
    This is not unreasonable or debatable. Our artists work hard for you and apply hours towards each client’s piece. Deposits are required for each artist to protect their time and schedule investment. We commit to you, you commit to us. Think about your deposit as a promise ring. Awe, we accept!
  • Our artists are independent
    What this means for you is that your relationship is with your artist. Each artist has their own rules, pricing structure, scheduling policies, etc. We like monogamy, unless your artist decides to share.
  • Signed release required
    While your agreement is with your artist, you also have one with the shop. You cannot get work done at Junkyard Ink without signing a release form. You’ll read the thing in it’s entirety before your appointment, but it includes stuff like; you can’t sue us, you listen to us, you aren’t lying about your name and age, things like that. So, read the contract, don’t lie, sign it, and get tattooed.
  • We reserve the right to refuse work to anyone for any reason
    No, this is not slapped in there as an excuse for us to be discriminatory jerk-wads. We enjoy working with good people who practice mutual respect and follow our rules. Its really quite easy. If one of our artists feels that the relationship is not mutually beneficial or it becomes a problem, they reserve the right to refuse service to you. No arguing on your end and no explanation needed on ours. If you keep your wits about you and don’t act stupid, you won’t have an issue.
  • No kicking, screaming or being obnoxious
    You’re an adult, so act like one. When you sit in the chair to get your tattoo, don’t cry, kick and scream like a child. Man up, deal with it, and don’t wiggle. If you are a big ol’ baby, your tattoo will end up being a scribbly mess and heal like crap. We don’t want to give you crap…so behave.
  • Kids aren’t restricted, but are not recommended
    Well-behaved kids are fine to come in to the shop for a visit or join you for your consultation, but they really shouldn’t join you during your appointment. We are not a daycare or a playground. If you absolutely have to bring your kid with you then so be it, but please make sure they are on their best behavior.
  • Be on time or communicate
    This really amazing invention known as the cell phone allows you to communicate with people in a timely fashion. This means that you should be reaching out to your artist if you are going to be late to an appointment or have to reschedule. We will do you the same courtesy. So, be on time, or let us know when you won’t. Also, we like cookies and other baked crap as a form of apology.
  • No refunds on deposits
    As we mentioned before, your deposit is meant to secure your appointment and protect your artist’s time and labor investment. We don’t refund deposits. We are professionals and don’t work for free. Not that you aren’t pretty…but we work too hard to just be giving our work away.
  • No show means you lose your deposit…and maybe more
    If you choose not to show up to your appointment (and don’t make an effort to connect with your artist) you lose your deposit. Because each artist is independent, they may have you lose more. Keep in mind that your relationship with your artist is both a personal and professional one. Be courteous, we have puppies and children to feed. When you no-show, you are stealing money from our puppies and children.
  • Be clean when you get tattooed
    Showering is not hard. They teach you in elementary school that bathing is important because people start to smell during puberty. Guess what, you’re beyond puberty. So you might smell. Be clean before coming in to get tattooed, and try to shave the area being tattooed if it’s hairy. If you’re sasquach-y and we need to finish fur-removal for you, we charge our hourly rate. No, we’re not kidding. Shave yourself, bathe yourself. It’s what the cool kids do.
  • No bartering the tattoo total
    Consultations and communications with your artist before your appointment cover costs of the tattoo. Sitting through a session and not having enough money to pay for it is illegal. You are receiving a service for an agreed price and are obligated to pay when the service is complete. If you try bartering about the price when your tattoo is done, the police will assist. If you choose not to pay at all, the police will assist. Just…don’t be stupid. Pay for your work.

Sweet, you made it to the end!

Now that you have digested these shop rules, practice them! Most of this is common sense and if you are a bathing, friendly, competent person you should have no issues at all having a pleasant experience with us.